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THERMOFORMING In addition to their use for interior items, plastics are increasingly being used on the exterior of vehicles. Colour-coated foil materials can be used to substitute complex coating processes. The goal is to create a top-class surface finish. This is done by using a positive highly-polished vacuum-capable thermoforming tool to form the components in clean-room conditions. The subsequent back-injection or back-pressing process provides the required dimensional stability. Kiefel ensures optimum compatibility for the entire process sequence used in the thermoforming of coated foil materials:, Tool configuration with shrinkage rate detectionThermoformwerkzeug, Thermoforming tool, Cleaning technology for foil material, Clean-room technology, Thermoforming technology, Forming of roof modules, Forming of wing elements, Forming of various hood and cover elements, Forming of bumper bars and other body elements